The Proceller8 leadership believes that affiliates are the lifeblood of any direct selling business. Without great affiliates sharing product offerings, we would not have one customer.

If you are considering joining us as an affiliate, know that you are joining a company that holds you in the highest regard. It’s this fact that is fueling the rapid growth of the Proceller8 brand.


Proceller8 Leadership. Headquarted in Charlotte, North Carolina, Proceller8 was established in March of 2020 by its co-founder Jaci Leitgeb. Jaci has 25 years of experience as highly successful entrepreneurs in the direct sales industry and in the private sector.

The Mission of Proceller8 is to allow its Affiliates to confidently share powerful products and an incredible brand while providing the highest quality customer service available. We desire to reward those entrepreneurs who have hearts for serving others.

The Purpose of Proceller8 is to build an elite company and brand that allows people to WIN not only in their physical goals, but business goals as well

3 Ways to Earn

  1. Organization Commission
  2. Affiliate Pool
  3. Leader Pool
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  1. Honor God by living lives of integrity, character and humility
  2. Build a company that makes all decisions for the benefit of our Affiliates and Customers
  3. Build a company where people from all walks of life can succeed
  4. Provide a Leadership-based environment that elevates individual lives to achieve their preferred better future
  5. Create a standard of excellence that is recognized as superior in the Direct Selling Industry while being compliant to all government regulations concerning claims of earnings, products and lifestyle
  6. Value the importance of every individual while strengthening the family
  7. Commit to providing high-quality, effective, innovative products and services.
  8. Proceller8 will have the best trained, most professional Affiliates in the industry through our steadfast commitment to personal growth, education and development